The Empowered Symbol and Empowered Zone is Born!

It all began with a smile… and a twist of fate.Lisa and Regina

One day Regina was making a pair of whimsical sunshine smile earrings from her designer line, www.reginamariedesigns.com. As she was soldering one of the eyes, it slid out of place. Or so she thought… as it turned out, something magical was sliding into place. The ball of silver centered over the curved smile and she saw a symbol that made her pause, raise her arms, and shout an enthusiastic “YES!” Regina smiled and felt a surge of inspired energy! At that moment a realization came over her… there was something big in this little symbol. Adding the bottom triangle to form a body, immediately her muse whispered, “Empowered.” On that day, the Empowered Symbol was born!

So what really is the Empowered Symbol? To us it is a miracle, to others an inspiration. By sharing the Empowered Symbol with the world, we want to remind others to believe in themselves, to rise above their challenges and to realize their dreams.

We have created both sterling silver and bronze jewelry, along with t-shirts, hats and wicking shirts, all featuring the Empowered Symbol. We incorporate the symbol along with one-word mantras. To us, these life-affirming words are most important to help us stay focused and driven to improve (even if it’s just baby steps) a little each day. Every journey begins with taking the first step….each step creates a little more energy and enthusiasm and then before you know it YOU ARE IN THE ZONE Yes!!